Get to Know Chef Kieran, Martha and Epicurean Fare!

Moving to Alton from Ireland in 2015, classically French-trained chef Kieran McGuane realized that, “It was very hard to get good quality food to take out, so we thought we’d just do it ourselves.”


Along with his wife, Martha Phillips, McGuane said they surprised themselves with the decision to open a brick and mortar business. “It’s a little bit scary, but it’s more exciting than it is that,” he said.

They decided to take the plunge after their booth, Nosh, at the Alton Farmer’s Market was well received.


Epicurean Fare “is different and the menu will be slightly more different than what you can get at local restaurants around here, as well.”

Chef Kieran, who attended Ballymaloe Cookery School in County Cork, Ireland — one of the top five cooking schools in the world – and Martha, formerly a corporate attorney, are happily serving dishes that tantalize the taste buds of their customers.